About Us

Osamu Watanabe

Dear Colleagues:

At Tokyo Institute of Technology, highly skilled specialists called university research administrators (URAs) play key roles in researcher support and institutional research management. URAs work alongside researchers in launching new projects and with administrative staff in management and operations. We have over 20 URAs at the Office of Research and Innovation and several others stationed full-time at research institutions throughout Tokyo Tech.

If I were to use one word to describe our URAs' activities, it would be "various". Based on their individual specialties, they take on responsibilities in project planning, grant applications and management, industry collaboration, intellectual property, international collaboration, start-up ventures, research communications, and institutional and policy analyses. In their various roles, working side by side with faculty and staff, they support Tokyo Tech research and societal innovation.

Through this site, we introduce the activities of our URAs and provide information on funding opportunities and other topics important to our research community. For the advancement of research and innovation, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with and make use of the services our URAs offer.

Osamu Watanabe
Director, Office of Research and Innovation
Executive Vice President for Research
Tokyo Institute of Technology

April 2018