Research Communications

Using numerous media channels, including the official Tokyo Tech website, we strive for broad dissemination of our researchers' discoveries. In collaboration with the Public Relations Division, our activities include preparing research press releases, responding to inquiries from the media, publishing Tokyo Tech web content and other materials, and outreach efforts.

Press Releases

URAs work closely with the Public Relations Section of the Public Relations Division to help generate media coverage of our researchers' achievements. Press releases can be prepared for the following.

  • Research findings accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals
    (To ensure that the press release gets published at the same time as your paper, please contact us in advance.)
  • Research findings presented at major academic conferences
  • Other research activities that may attract media interest

Press Releases for the Domestic Media

Press releases can be issued in Japanese to be distributed to the domestic media.

Preparing press releases in Japanese

Press Releases for the International Media

Press releases can also be issued in English to be distributed to the overseas media.

Preparing press releases in English

Press release template

Press release format with instructions

Holding a Press Event

In addition to press releases, briefings and other press events can be held to aid comprehension by the media.

Procedures for holding a press event

Media Inquiries

Assistance is also available regarding media inquiries. Researchers are at liberty to accept interviews concerning their areas of expertise provided they notify the Public Relations Division. However, If the topic of an interview requires that you speak on behalf of the Insitute (such as questions about the management of the Institute) or on other matters outside of your expertise, please be sure to consult the Public Relations Division beforehand.

Responding to interview requests

Tokyo Tech Web Content

The Institute's website includes sections that feature research-related information. Researchers are encouraged to submit articles to increase the impact of their work.

Latest Research News

Research findings for which a press release has been issued appear in this section of the home page.

Press releases

Tokyo Tech News

Other research-related news, for which a press release has not been issued, appears in this section of the home page.

Procedure for posting articles in Tokyo Tech News

Special Topics

Featured articles appear at the top of the home page in a slideshow of images. Highlights include stories about groundbreaking discoveries and pieces on researchers, such as the Faces: Tokyo Tech Researchers series.

Procedure for getting featured in Special Topics

Other Publications

The Institute issues regular publications that provide insight into its research activities. Consult the Public Relations Division for requests to include information in these publications.

Tokyo Tech Research
Tokyo Tech Research Map 2019-2020
Tokyo Tech Faces and Findings
List of publications
Request for publications

Events and Outreach

Departments and laboratories carrying out public outreach activities can promote their events on the Tokyo Tech website.
Press releases can also be issued for events that are open to the media and have the potential to attract media attention.

Posting event information