Research Development

We strive to promote world-class excellence in our researchers' activities, which in turn enhances the university's overall research capabilities. Our efforts include establishing new locations to pursue cutting-edge research, developing next-generation fields, and supporting basic research.

External Funds Acquisition

Acquisition of funding from ministries and public institutions are an essential factor to successful research. URAs support researchers in the pre-award tasks of project planning, design, coordination, and proposal submission.

KAKENHI Application Support

  • Interview practice
  • General seminars
  • Seminars for international researchers
  • Application peer review
  • Grant-writing seminars

KAKENHI Application Support

Competitive Funds Application Support

    Seminars, application support, interview practice
    Interview practice
  • Large-Scale Research Projects Grant and pre-award support
  • Seminar on new large-scale funding programs

Other Areas of Support

  • Tailored support
    Consultation and support for other types of funding are also available. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to request support.

Internal Funds Acquisition

Tokyo Tech manages funds catering to various purposes, including awards for early-career researchers and financial support for projects with the potential to lead to establishment of research hubs. Please do not hesitate to consult us if you are considering applying for internal funds and wish to request our support.

Interdisciplinary Research

Collaboration among researchers who excel in their respective disciplines sparks the emergence of new fields. URAs work to facilitate such collaboration by supporting interdisciplinary research projects and providing Tokyo Tech's matching service.

Innovative Research Initiatives

Strategically established and unique to Tokyo Tech, these cross-organizational entities with specific research agendas are set up to form the foundation of international research hubs.

Innovative Research Initiatives

Project Management

Information on large-scale projects supported by URAs can be found at the sites linked below.

Consortium for Socio-Functional Continuity Technology

Yamamoto Atom Hybrid Project

Program for Building Regional Innovation Ecosystems
Industrialization of innovative middle molecule drug discovery flow through the fusion of computational drug design and chemical synthesis technology. (Page under construction)

Research Publication Support

To support international dissemination of Tokyo Tech research, we offer assistance in all stages of the authorship process, from preparing your first draft to submitting the final version for publication.

Authorship Workshops

To help researchers seeking to improve their scientific writing skills, we organize workshops where native English-speaking lecturers provide insight on best practices in manuscript submission and hands-on training in writing papers in English. Workshops are divided into beginner and intermediate levels.

Seminars on Publishing and Science Communication

We hold seminars on authorship and science communication with publishers such as Science, Nature, and IEEE, creating opportunities for researchers to meet face-to-face with editors and other publishing specialists.