Industry Liaison

Several of our coordinators and URAs are involved in open innovation, encouraging researchers to work across disciplinary boundaries and providing support to industry collaboration. Through the Office of Research and Innovation, we provide a central contact point for technology consultation and coordination. For those looking to collaborate with Tokyo Tech, our coordinators and URAs utilize their extensive experience in industry and academia to provide a bridge to the university and its researchers. We also assist in creating and developing venture companies, with the goal of sharing Tokyo Tech research with society.

Linking Academic Research with Industry

Various programs are available so that the Institute’s resources — talented individuals, expertise, intellectual property, and research facilities — may be best utilized.

Technology Consultation

This service ensures that companies receive expert consultation including referral to researchers who are best suited to provide advice.

Academic Consultation

Faculty members may be commissioned by companies to provide academic guidance concerning their R&D. The guidance will be provided by faculty members acting within their capacity as members of the university. Please note that technology assistance that is provided by faculty members as sideline work will not be considered as part of this service.

Sponsored Research Program

Companies may commission research to be conducted by members of the faculty. Faculty members will be working within their capacity as members of the university.

Collaborative Research Program

Under this program, corporate researchers and Tokyo Tech faculty work together on common research topics.

Research Alliance Program

The program allows for collaborative research to be conducted under an established cooperation agreement at the organization level.

Collaborative Research Chairs and Divisions

Funding received from a company in the form of collaborative research funds will be used to set up a joint research chair or division on campus. Corporate researchers can be provided positions as specially appointed faculty.

Visiting Researcher Program

The Institute accepts corporate engineers and researchers to receive research guidance.

Industry-Sponsored Program

Donations received from a sponsoring company will be used by the Institute to set up and run a new research division.

Donations for Education and Research

The Institute accepts donations from companies and individuals for the enhancement and development of academic research and education. By definition, donations do not come with rights to resultant intellectual property. Donors will be able to receive tax benefits.

Industry Liaison Membership Program

This program has been set up for the purpose of improving the quality of research and education at the Institute and facilitating the use of its research findings by businesses. This mutually beneficial scheme allows the Institute to maintain close communication with industry and provide high-quality service to its members. By becoming a member, companies will each be assigned a coordinator who will liaise to oversee all of its requests.

Consultation and Collaboration Resources

Office of Research and Innovation: Industry Liaison

Industry Liaison Programs
Forms, templates, etc. (In Japanese)

For Industry

Search for Tokyo Tech researchers

Search for Tokyo Tech research

For Researchers

Information about industry collaboration (Internal access only)

Venture Creation and Development

Creation of venture businesses is considered as an important vehicle for bringing Tokyo Tech members’ research findings and ideas to the real world. Faculty members may, under certain conditions, be granted permission to hold outside employment. Ventures may be eligible to receive favorable licensing terms regarding the use of the Institute’s intellectual property. Access to business incubators and venture capital is also available.

Entrepreneurship and Commercialization

Funding for student startups

Students wishing to start a venture may receive financial support to prototype their ideas and participate in events to pitch their product or service. The fund is aimed at developing entrepreneurial mindset of students.

Funding for student startups

Gap funds

Using revenue generated from its intellectual property, the Institute funds efforts to transition research findings to practical application. Financial support is provided to cover expenses for building prototypes and conducting necessary testing that are required for setting up ventures or transferring technology to businesses.

Gap funds (internal access only) Under construction

Tokyo Tech Ventures

Tokyo Tech Venture designation

Venture companies that were set up using the Institute’s human resources and discoveries may, upon application, be designated as a Tokyo Tech Venture. To be eligible, either of the two criteria must be satisfied:

  • (1) The company makes use of intellectual property owned by staff or students at Tokyo Tech and/or any outcome or technology resulting from research activities at Tokyo Tech.
  • (2) A Tokyo Tech student is among the company’s founding members or was involved in its founding.


Tokyo Tech Ventures are granted license to the Institute’s intellectual property under favorable terms. Faculty members are granted permission to hold employment with the company (for the first five years after its founding).


List of Tokyo Tech Venture Companies

Management Support

Tokyo Tech members looking for consultation regarding management and financing of venture may be referred by URAs to the following organizations.

Venture capital fund from Innovations and Future Creation Inc.

The Institute has a partnership agreement with Innovations and Future Creation Inc. to facilitate the creation of technology ventures and the use of its research discoveries in society. The company runs a venture capital focused on investing in venture companies connected with Tokyo Tech.

Press Release: Tokyo Institute of Technology and Innovations and Future Creation Inc. conclude organizational partnership agreement

Innovations and Future Creation Inc.

Incubation facility Tokyo Tech YVP

Tokyo Tech YVP is an incubation facility located on the grounds of the Suzukakedai Campus. The Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation runs the facility in cooperation with Tokyo Tech, Yokohama City, and Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition to leasing office and lab space for ventures, management consultation is also offered.

Tokyo Tech YVP

Venture consulting by the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association

Kuramae Venture Soudanshitsu, an office set up by the Tokyo Tech Alumni Association, provides support to venture companies and small-to-medium sized enterprises. The office is located at the Campus Innovation Center on Tamachi Campus.

Kuramae Venture Soudanshitsu

Relevant Links

Innovations and Future Creation Inc.

Kuramae Venture Soudanshitsu

Tokyo Tech YVP

Industry Communications

Dissemination of Tokyo Tech research

The Office of Research and Innovation is actively engaged in disseminating information about researchers' findings and inventions. Announcements are made by the office regarding events and expositions where Tokyo Tech’s research is showcased. Industry liaison activity reports are also published by the office.

Industry Liaison Event Activities

Coordinators and URAs work with Tokyo Tech researchers to promote their discoveries through various events hosted on campus (Industry Liaison Membership Program’s general meeting, Tokyo Tech Research Festival) and off campus (JST’s New Technology Presentation Meetings, JST’s Innovation Japan, Ota Research and Development Fair, technology exchange seminars).

Event Participation

How to participate

Office of Research and Innovation Mail Magazine

E-newsletters are published at the beginning of every month by the Office of Research and Innovation. Its content includes an industry liaison activities report, event information, articles on early-career researchers, research discoveries, and clippings of Tokyo Tech – research news articles.

Office of Research and Innovation Mail Magazine