URAs at the International Research Collaboration Section have a diverse role to play in Tokyo Tech’s international activities and in promoting international research collaboration. The support they provide is multi-faceted and spans the five areas detailed below.

Research Abroad and Invitational Programs

Providing financial support for researchers to conduct international collaborative research is essential for achieving global competitiveness of Tokyo Tech. The Research Abroad and Invitational Program for International Collaboration has been designed to offer two types of support, one for sending researchers to overseas research institutions and the other for inviting overseas researchers to Tokyo Tech. The program is subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities.

Program Classifications

[Research Abroad]
Support for Joint Research with Universities and Public Research Organizations Abroad
*Visiting industry organization abroad is NOT acceptable.

Support for Joint Research with Invited Researchers from Universities and Public Research Organizations Abroad
We support joint research with universities and organizations in Thailand and Germany that includes NSTDA or Aachen University, Tokyo Tech ANNEX has been established, as Annex special entry.

Application period: February 18, 2019 – March 18, 2019 at 8:30 AM

Application guidelines and forms

Inquiries: Office of Research and Innovation (International Affairs Division)

Organization of International Symposia

URAs help organize international, cross-faculty symposia and workshops. Support is also possible for symposia that are held overseas, held jointly with overseas universities, or are funded by the Office of Research and Innovation’s International Symposium Support Program.

Not currently accepting applications.

Inquiries: Research Planning Division, Research Planning Group 2

International Research Collaboration

URAs provide various forms of support to promote research activities with overseas universities, research institutions, and companies. URAs at the Legal Affairs Section and those in charge of institutional analysis may also contribute to the process of establishing a good working relationship with international organizations in collaborative research.

Inquiries: Office of Research and Innovation, International Research Collaboration Section

Tokyo Tech ANNEX

We establish overseas hubs called Tokyo Tech ANNEXes to support collaboration with the area's universities, research institutions, and companies. ANNEXes also engage in information gathering and dissemination, serving as a channel to support individual communities and society as a whole.

In March 2018, Tokyo Tech established its first ANNEX at the Thailand National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). Further plans are in progress for ANNEXes in Europe and the United States.


URAs cultivate new partnerships, seek out prospective patrons, and manage negotiations.

Drawing up of contracts

URAs manage negotiations and coordination in the process of drawing up contracts.
For more information, feel free to contact us.

Support System for International Researchers

Information on everyday living for international researchers are available in the form of online resources, seminars, and orientations. Furthermore, there is a dedicated group of individuals working at the English Document Support Team who are involved in the task of internationalizing Tokyo Tech documents.

Other Areas of Support

Other efforts include the publication of English newsletters by the Office of Research and Innovation and welcoming guests from research institutions and governments abroad. Furthermore, URAs travel and gather local information to build an environment conducive to the facilitation of international research collaboration.