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COVID-19 Research - The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) poses an unprecedented global threat. To aid in overcoming this threat, here we provide publications and other contributions by Tokyo Tech researchers relevant to the current crisis. We hope this small effort will encourage people to join together in finding solutions and bringing a return to normalcy in society. Furthermore, should you have information to add to this collection, please share it with us using the following form.
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Publications by Tokyo Tech Researchers

Academic papers and other materials by our researchers.

News Contributions

Contributions by our researchers to news coverage.

この活動、「COVID-19関連研究収集プロジェクト(COVID-19 Research Portfolio Project)」は, COVID-19に起因した社会のダメージを回復し,社会の再起動に貢献するための研究推進支援事業である「社会再起動技術推進事業(Social Rebooting Technology Initiative)」のプロジェクトのひとつとして運営しています。

This COVID-19 Research Portfolio Project is one of the projects launched under the Tokyo Tech Social Rebooting Technology Initiative. By implementing this initiative, the Office of Research and Innovation aims to support recovery from the damage caused by COVID-19 and contribute to the revitalization of society.